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Relax in the garden – with the family, with friends, in a small circle or in the midst of a large crowd of guests: treat yourself to this comfort, store drinks and fresh supplies on the spot!

openair kitchen


Our weatherproof outdoor refrigerators are made entirely of weatherproof stainless steel. The insulating safety glass of the fronts protects your drinks and food with a UV filter in each case. We offer two models in different sizes: You can choose between the 135-litre model by Napoleon, the ultimate energy-saving miracle, and the compact Cooler by CASO Design, which has a storage capacity of 63 litres and is able to store 20 bottles. There’s even room for a drawer above it – so you can make clever use of the space in your open-air kitchen.

The beer is on tap! All year round, if you integrate a barrel fridge with tap system from BULL into your openair kitchen. With the self-closing door mechanism, an internal volume of 140 litres, a tap from Talos and a temperature control range from 10°C to 0°C, nothing stands in the way of serving your guests a deliciously cool, freshly tapped beer!

openair kitchen

Tap system

Individually combined

Your openair kitchen offers you the full functionality of a kitchen – outdoors, at the highest level. Cooking, grilling, washing up, refrigerating: All modules can be combined with each other, and the appliances come exclusively from premium manufacturers. Take a look at your options!


Außenküche Kühlschrank Caso

Napoleon Outdoor Refridgerator

Exceptional stainless steel design with low energy LED lights and reflective interior. Cools to serving temperature five times faster than a conventional fridge. Consistently energy-saving design (energy-saving fans, UV-reflective double glazing, LED lights); a special ECO button reduces energy consumption by a further  33 %. Usable capacity: 135 litres.

Außenkühe Kühlschrank Getränke

CASO Design Cooler

Small and pretty cool: Our model from CASO Design (usable capacity approx. 63 litres, temperature manually adjustable from 0 to 10 °C) can store 20 bottles – and if you ever need to store the big pot temporarily, simply remove the shelves! The 3-layer insulating safety glass provides optimum protection against UV light; light in the interior, on the other hand, can be switched on and off. Due to its compact size, a drawer can be added above the cooler.

Tap system

Außenküche Zapfhahn

Bull Outdoor Barrel Fridge with Single Tap Dispenser

This complete set from the US premium brand Bull made of rustproof, weatherproof stainless steel perfectly rounds off barbecue evenings and garden parties – a must-have for all friends of a cultivated cool beer. Made of weatherproof 304 stainless steel, with internal LED control panel, light and self-closing door mechanism. The fridge has a temperature range of 0°C to 10°C and holds 188 litres.

Your outdoor kitchen with different modules – designed to meet your wishes

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and with an outdoor kitchen from openair kitchen you are making a real statement. Do you have any questions about outdoor kitchens, about the kitchen models from openair kitchen – or about our service? We answer the most important ones here.