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All models

The Flammkraft comes as a “block”, which is the name of the individual models. In order to cover different requirements, the premium gas barbecue has always been further developed. Blocks C and D differ in terms of power, storage space and equipment … the core technology, however, always remains the same; they all shine with perfect craftmanship and sleek design.

The Flammkraft principle

The “gas barbecue with the charcoal soul” uses intelligent technology: the gas – which is infinitely adjustable – heats ceramic plates which are located on the sides underneath the grill grates, and these in turn transfer their heat evenly to the enamelled grates. The food is therefore not cooked with the flame, but very efficiently through the embers of the ceramic plate.

Healthy grilling

The burners of the Flammkraft grills are arranged in such a way that they are not hit by dripping liquids: These collect in a drip tray at the bottom; unhealthy smoke formation is thus avoided. In addition, the arrangement ensures excellent heat circulation, i.e. gentle cooking at high power. The food is grilled to perfection!

Versatile cooking

Block C and D have a roasting zone: The burner underneath provides temperatures of up to 900°C. Here, for example, larger pieces can be roasted or given a crust, but there is also room for a pan – or you can use the Flammkraft Teppanyaki plate. In any case, the roasting zone offers a variety of cooking methods – besides the actual grill!

German engineering artistry

Flammkraft is an engineering product, made in Germany: All grills are made from high-quality materials and can be integrated wonderfully into the open-air kitchen. Flammkraft’s high quality standards include the accessories, such as the double enamelled grill grates or the pizza stone made of glazed cordierite.

Your outdoor kitchen with different modules – designed to meet your wishes

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