The premium charcoal grill of German production

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The innovative Kamado

Designed in Germany, the Monolith is rightly considered the most innovative charcoal grill in the world. It works incredibly precisely, amazes with its versatility and always delivers the best, most delicious results. This has won it numerous fans around the globe, who enthusiastically present their perfectly cooked grilled food – meat, pizza, vegetarian food, breads or even pasta!

Materials and technology

The Monolith Kamado is made of extremely heat-resistant steel and has excellent ceramic insulation which allows it to reach the desired temperature with little energy in a very short space of time – and precisely: the air supply can be controlled, which in turn saves (wood) charcoal; consumption can be reduced by 25-50 % compared to other barbecues. 

Variety of cooking methods

The all-rounder Monolith: grill directly over the embers on a stainless steel or cast-iron grate for an incomparable taste. Or hang the deflector stone in the fire ring – and cook tender meat and fish gently and exactly to perfection using indirect heat. Crispy tarte flambée or breads are created on the matching pizza stone.

The outdoor kitchen Kamado

Four sizes, two statement colours, an enormous choice of accessories: the Monolith Kamado impresses with its versatility. Whether in professional gastronomy or on the roof terrace at home: we recommend the Monolith (with Limited Lifetime Guarantee!) as a versatile outdoor kitchen module, perfectly fitted into your open-air kitchen.

Your outdoor kitchen with different modules – designed to meet your wishes

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and with an outdoor kitchen from openair kitchen you are making a real statement. Do you have any questions about outdoor kitchens, about the kitchen models from openair kitchen – or about our service? We answer the most important ones here.