Stainless steel

No compromises

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There are legends associated with weapons made of damascus steel; emperors of the Middle Ages protected themselves with ornate steel armour. But stainless steel experienced its breakthrough with the industrial revolution: the material made buildings grow into the sky and ships at sea become “unsinkable”. Today, it ensures the stability of your openair kitchen in wind and weather.

openair kitchen

The best choice for outdoors

Outdoors, screws and hinges are at the mercy of the elements. Moisture, heat and cold affect all materials, and only with the right composite elements can rust be avoided – and the desired effect be maintained permanently.

Stainless steel has excellent thermal properties. Manufacturers of premium grills, induction hobs or outdoor refrigerators therefore rely on this metal: their appliances also feature in the outdoor kitchens of openair kitchen. From gas flames to ice compartments – stainless steel withstands the extremes while maintaining a metallic sheen.

openair kitchen

Gas and flames

openair kitchen

A high-quality interior

How does the openair kitchen achieve its flawless finish? We only use top-quality screws and hinges inside the body – made of stainless steel. This can be seen on the outside in the minimal gaps, in the perfectly smooth rails – and in the longevity of the product: we give a 10-year guarantee on our outdoor kitchens. Stainless steel ensures that components fulfil their purpose for a long time and defy the elements!

Your outdoor kitchen with different modules – designed to meet your wishes

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and with an outdoor kitchen from openair kitchen you are making a real statement. Do you have any questions about outdoor kitchens, about the kitchen models from openair kitchen – or about our service? We answer the most important ones here.