The metal of today

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Resilient and light, simple and modern: This metal represents our age. Light, malleable and yet extremely resilient, it is used in aircraft and cargo ships, for lunar vehicles and satellites. Aluminium – a material for visionaries!

openair kitchen

Why aluminium?

A kitchen from openair kitchen has to withstand heavy loads – and aluminium has some special properties that make it predestined for outdoor use: Very corrosion-resistant by nature, it is light weight due to its low density and is nevertheless stable. We use it for the kitchen fronts and the drawers with the one-touch function, as the light metal puts less strain on the mechanisms.

For the modules of our openair kitchen, we use 8mm solid aluminium with highly weather resistant powder coating: in this process, electrically conductive surfaces are sprayed with a powder coating and then heated up to 250°C until the powder is baked in. This process protects the metal from wear; it becomes scratch and corrosion resistant. The aluminium retains its striking clarity and visual lightness – and gains a matt shimmer that emphasises the metallic character.

openair kitchen

Highly weather resistant powder coating


Choose any RAL colour for the aluminium parts of your openair kitchen! Of course, we can also mix any other colour for you at an extra charge.

Graphite black

Pearl gold

Signal grey

Beige grey

Cream white

Iron glimmer 703 

Iron glimmer 702

Aluminium, brushed

Colour selection

Your outdoor kitchen with different modules – designed to meet your wishes

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and with an outdoor kitchen from openair kitchen you are making a real statement. Do you have any questions about outdoor kitchens, about the kitchen models from openair kitchen – or about our service? We answer the most important ones here.