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Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and with an outdoor kitchen from openair kitchen you are making a real statement. Do you have any questions about outdoor kitchens, about the kitchen models from openair kitchen – or about our service? We answer the most important ones here.

As with all larger purchases, there are of course price ranges in the area of outdoor kitchens or garden kitchens – depending on size, equipment and quality.

At openair living, you can get free-standing individual modules such as the CUBE, but also large kitchen units, for example in an L-shape. An outdoor kitchen from openair kitchen is a real statement: you can always rely on the fact that we use high-quality, weather-resistant materials with the greatest care to create your individual “dream kitchen for outdoors”. A garden kitchen is more than a place of enjoyment, it also serves as an investment property and increases the value of your property immensely.

To give you an idea: For an outdoor kitchen unit with three elements – including a storage module, a grill from a premium brand, and a high-quality washing and rinsing module – the investment starts at around 16,500 Euros. Added to this are the costs for delivery and assembly, which depend on the place of delivery.

The grand finale of our joint outdoor kitchen project: Your open-air kitchen will be delivered on time and assembled with the utmost care – because that’s what we mean by manufacture. Of course, you will receive instruction from us on all the technical equipment – and then we wish you much joy with your outdoor kitchen!

Delivery costs are listed on your offer.

An outdoor kitchen from openair kitchen does not simply roll off the assembly line, it is designed, cut and assembled with a great deal of care and expertise. We have our Dekton panels, for example, cut to size in specially certified factories. Therefore, expect a delivery time of four to six weeks – starting from your first phone call with us.

Note: Each and every openair-kitchen is unique – delivery times also depend on the degree to which you want to customise your kitchen.

We deliver our luxury outdoor kitchens to many European countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, of course, but also France, Italy, Spain, the Benelux countries and Scandinavia. However, we don’t want to refuse anyone the happiness of purchasing one of our statement kitchens for their own outdoor space. Wherever in the world you live – feel free to contact us! We will find a solution.

Nature does not treat things gently. An outdoor kitchen must withstand all kinds of weather and sometimes extreme temperature changes, it has to be scratch-resistant – and as a grilling area also extremely heat-resistant. We are pleased to have found a material for the cladding of our openair kitchen that is not affected by any of these factors and that is also beautiful to look at and extremely dirt-repellent: Dekton.

Furthermore, you will find aluminium in the openair kitchen – light, malleable and yet extremely resilient. For the body, fronts and drawers, we use 8 mm solid aluminium with a powder coating: this protects the metal from scratches and corrosion, but retains the striking clarity and visual lightness. Choose from all RAL and RAL-DB colours – or discover our favourites here.

Of course, outdoor kitchens can also be made of wood, but we have decided to use really weather-resistant materials such as dekton for our units and worktops, so that you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen for years to come. But we also love wood as a material for outdoor cooking and offer numerous products in our online shop e.g. made of high-quality teak or bamboo wood. Take a look!

The best location for an outdoor kitchen depends on several factors – and of course on your individual outdoor space. On the one hand, it makes sense to consider the proximity to the house, but also sun and wind protection, electricity and water connections. The openair kitchen should also fit aesthetically into your entire garden and outdoor area. We know all about this – we will be happy to advise you!

It’s all a question of the right material! In addition to powder-coated aluminium, we mainly use Dekton, a synthetic stone UV-resistant and scratch-proof, stain- and heat-resistant, abrasion-proof and resistant to thermal shocks caused by heat or extreme cold.

Or opt for the additional protection of a high-quality roofing – we will gladly refer you to one of our trusted partners.

Everything can – nothing has to. But if you want to use the full comfort of an outdoor kitchen, think about your kitchen indoors: you need a cooking or grilling area – this can be a modern induction hob, but also a traditional plancha or teppanyaki plate or a wok. Opt for a charcoal kamado from Big Green Egg or a high-quality gas grill, e.g. from Flammkraft, Fulgor Milano or BeefEater – or both, to realise the full potential of an outdoor kitchen.

You will also need a place to refrigerate food and enough space for cutting, preparing and serving food. Of course, running water is also a must – how about the convenient vegetable shower from hansgrohe? Or a tap from BULL for wonderfully cool, fresh beer? And don’t forget to plan for storage space … for crockery, food and cooking accessories.

Let’s talk together to find out which is the best solution for your outdoor kitchen and outdoor area!

Anything your heart desires! Whether it’s the modern induction hob or a traditional teppanyaki plate or wok – you have the choice at openair kitchen. The great advantage of an outdoor kitchen: it also offers space for a high-quality grill such as a charcoal kamado from Big Green Egg. If you want a gas grill, we recommend the high-end appliances from Flammkraft, Fulgor Milano or BeefEater, for example.

We have taken a close look at the requirements that demanding customers place on an outdoor kitchen – and then developed our modules and design lines: freestanding outdoor kitchens and individual modules. All of them follow the usual market standards as far as dimensions are concerned, because these have proven themselves many times over in terms of design and function. But of course we are also happy to implement special dimensions for you on request – because you should be able to enjoy your valuable openair kitchen for years to come! We will therefore make you a number of well-thought-out suggestions regarding dimensions and colours – but you, the customer, always have the final say!

If you choose the option of cooking modules and/or external sockets, we require a supply line directly under the kitchen, which must be prepared, laid and fused by an electrician on site. We will be happy to clarify details directly with the specialist tradesman of your choice. If you wish, we can also commission a professional electrician from our partner network for you.

If you decide on a sink, then we require a water supply line on site. Would you like to have hot water in your outdoor kitchen? If you wish, we can install an instantaneous water heater in the sink module. The sink itself can be connected directly to the waste water system – or a concealed container in the body serves as a catch basin. Important: In this case, no waste system can be integrated there.

You may have already read up a little on outdoor kitchens and read about worktops made of granite, ceramic or wood. We have decided for good reason to offer you only absolutely weatherproof and scratch-resistant materials. Our Dekton worktops and aluminium units keep the promise we make to our customers: Only the best for your luxury outdoor kitchen.

Service is our top priority: from the world of colours and grains for outdoor kitchens, we have put together our favourites for you. Dekton, our innovative material for worktops and side panels, is offered by Cosentino in a variety of stunning designs and marbling. We have chosen twelve colours that we feel harmonise particularly well with the stylish design of our collections.

For the powder-coated aluminium fronts of your openair kitchen, we have selected suitable noble shades from the RAL colour spectrum – but of course you can also get your outdoor kitchen in the shade of your choice. Just get in touch with us!

An open-air kitchen is not just an outdoor kitchen, but a place of enjoyment, an object of value, a statement. We focus on durability and perfection in terms of design and manufacturing. We combine modern high-precision laser cutting processes with solid craftsmanship. As our customer, you will receive a stylishly designed outdoor kitchen from us made of particularly durable materials, assembled and installed with the utmost care.

We know what we’re doing: just like you, we were inspired by the idea of enjoying culinary delights in the open air. Just like you, we love something special – you can tell by our collections, but above all by our warm service!

We trust in our high-quality materials and our craftsmanship in combination with the latest production techniques. That’s why you get a 10-year guarantee on an openair kitchen – and even 25 years on the indestructible Dekton panels.

Thanks to modern technology, we can handle large parts of the planning and consultation phase without contact are happy to come to your home for measurements, observing all distancing rules. The appointment takes place after your order – or earlier for an extra charge of 500 Euros. This surcharge will be deducted from the final price for orders of 20,000 Euros or more. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us the measurements!

Of course, you will receive instruction on the use of all technical equipment as well as instructions on how to care for your outdoor kitchen.

Made in Germany: An openair kitchen is a custom-made product that we design and build at our headquarters in Berlin and deliver as standard within Europe – but also to other countries by arrangement.

We would be happy to welcome you to our showroom just outside of Berlin, where you can get an impression of our high-end appliances and high-quality materials. Our rapidly growing partner network is also available to answer your questions at any time.

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